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July 4, 2018

The Art of Restoring Classic Cars

the art of restoring cars

For some people, their dream car is probably the last Lamborghini, with smart seats and an automatic navigation system, not to mention the speed.

But for many others, their dreams are in the past, in those cars they always admired but could never pay, that remind them of a time in their life or that they simply love.

For the latter, the lovers of classic cars, the possibility of restoring a vehicle means beginning an exciting and rewarding project; and that means “art”.

A car restoration is not an easy task, nor should it be left to anyone. If you do not make the right choice of the car, its spare parts and the professional, this project –as exciting as it can be for you- will become no more than a waste of time and money.

Why do we call it an art? Art is the expression of a creative character, it´s all about the way in which a person expresses his passion in an infinity of forms and techniques. And just as anyone is not an artist, anyone can not restore a car.

According to a Forbes article written by Jim Henry, the restoration of a classic car runs the risk of becoming a lost business.

Despite seeing dazzling auctions with millionaire gains on TV, the truth is that “if the machines are incredibly hard to find, the skills are even harder”, assured David Madeira, president and CEO of America´s Car Museum.

Car collectors do not look like millionaires on TV… Many owners with modest means, are looking to restore their classic Mustang, but it is difficult to find someone qualified to do the job.
added Madeira in his interview with Forbes.

What is then, the reality behind the classic car restoration? That there is a great difficulty in finding quality cars and professionals.  

However, encourage yourself to restore this car that you have always dreamed of, if you want to do it faster, purchase and old car equipped with excellent parts, as a result of a great quality work.

Don’t leave your project in the hands of anyone; a well restored car is the result of great professional work, of an Artist!


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